Nanette Wong | 4 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Game [ V I D E O ]
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4 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Game [ V I D E O ]

4 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Game [ V I D E O ]

So I thought I’d share another video I filmed with Mode Media. It focuses on shooting with iPhone for Instagram, which is pretty fitting considering…

Last Friday was exciting. My heart literally exploded when I received a direct message from Instagram saying that I was being featured as a suggested user. It may seem super dorky, but for someone who works in social media and has been living and breathing instagram for the past year, it was prettttttyyyyyy exciting. I was unable to hold any decent conversation for the following 30 minutes as I basked in the glory of what it’s like to have a bunch spammy followers start to follow you and write weird comments. MADE IT! It’s great to be recognized by the platform for being a contributing community member. It’s like the popular boy at prom asked you, the little ‘ol wallflower, for the next dance.

golden gate bridge

The only “downside” to all of this is that now I feel even more personal pressure to make every. single. post. amazing. Sometimes this self-imposed creative standard can be crippling and I have wasted a lot of minutes doubting whether or not I should post a picture. If it’s “good enough”. But in the end, it goes back to remember that you just gotta do you. And this is by no means meant to garner pity or sympathy, but trying to open and honest about that “perfectly curated life” on Instagram. I remind myself that to think back to why I post, why I photograph— that it is for me and creative self expression. [end rant]

Many thanks to you all for following me on this roller coaster of a journey!

  • Mariama Rebecca
    Posted at 04:09h, 20 May Reply

    Thank you so much for these helpful tips. I really need help with shooting everyday shots for my instagram feed.

    • Nanette
      Posted at 17:29h, 20 May Reply

      I’m so happy to hear that!! Glad it helped 🙂 I just launched another class if you’re interested! Thanks for stopping by!

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